This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Russian Interfearance is Scary

Russian Interfearance: Don’t let a Russian con “troll” your opinion.

Russian Interfearance
Russian Interfearance.

To Russia Under Mister Putin.

Red Don in the morning, patriots take warning.

Trump: Defending tyranny while defunding democracy.

He’s gotta license he doesn’t want you to know.

The last thing we need is four moron years!

There’s a smart reason for intelligence.

NATOgether we stand, divided we fall.

Careful! The prelude to mass destruction has often been mass distraction.

Gridlock: Democracy inaction.

Republicans no compassion.

Don’t be so selfie-ish!

The filthy rich cash-cower in the darkness.

Greed doesn’t care what it costs.

“High priests” of big business only cry for more sacrifices.

We herd immunity is their final solution.

With forethought Thor fought.

Love unites what hate divides.

Deaf to all tyrants!

It’s absolutely priceless to be free.

Ralph Lombard
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