“Names Will Never Hurt Me” – Republican’s Teflon Thick Skin

Teflon Thick Skin

‘Thick skin’: No matter what others call them – top tier Republicans just let it roll off their spineless backs!


And that’s just their mothers talking!

Senate Republicans with their ‘thick skin’ selling their souls – for what? 

To be in the King’s favor?  Fear of intimidation or reprisal?  Skeletons in their Water Closet?

What did Donald Trump promise them – a Mar-a-Lago bungalow & 72 Virgins?

What’s in their Personal File – Sex with Farm Animals?

Afraid of hearing their old nickname: ‘Pigs in a Blanket’?  Or their suspicious college major: Animal Husbandry?


What’s so infuriating to watch is Trump’s nearest & dearest being visibly shameless! 

When we see Mark Meadows, Lindsey Graham & William Barr do it – we just have to imagine Moe, Larry & Curly around the Resolute Desk throwing around the bust of Lincoln!



But, Mitch McConnell does it under the radar!  He’s so stealth-like – lulling us into a trance with his monotone, as we say to ourselves, “Take me now, Lord”!



Then, there’s Rudy Giuliani.  I wouldn’t call him any of those names; he’s too far up to ever get out!

Thick Skin

Teflon Thick Skin

But Vice President Mike Pence is my favorite – ‘Boldly going where no man has gone before’!



He’s so smooth, he makes the act of complicity – seem like God’s Work!

Republican's Teflon Thick Skin

Yesmen & Yeswomen!  Everyone Trump touches is either under his thumb or his pecker.  I mean in his pocket!

I’m sorry, those two words confuse me sometimes!

Yes, women!  Well, this one is ‘a definite Maybe’…

Senator Susan Collins has threatened to toilet paper Trump’s trees!

Republican's Teflon Thick Skin

And, who can forget Trump’s Legal Defense team at his Impeachment Trial? 

Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Ray, Jay Sekulow & Pat (take the Canoli) Cipollone.

That group could get Hitler off!

They didn’t need William Barr for anything that day – I think he went fishing!


Yes, looked it up too – it’s without pith!*

*Me?  I’m such a WUSS – I’m ending it here & taking the high road! 

If I can find it!

Marilyn Sands