This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Pardon My Corruption

“Pardon me,” said the stinky old fart.

As usual, Trump denies he’s in denial.Pardon me, Pardon My Corruption

He pretends to be a big dog, but he’s really just a whiny little bitch.

Stop the squeal!

Election lawsuits: Swamped with excess sewage.

The truth is what you fake it.

Liars and scoundrels are libel to say anything.

Newsmax quacks like a lame duck.

The right-wing is being gravy-trained to $upport Trump.

Fools reveal themselves when they take off their masks.

We need less division and more us versus them-pathy.

Don’t let partisan politics block aid relief.

When cheaters set the pace, truth and honesty finish last.

Policies the day with a progressive agenda.

A change of vaccinery will do us all good.

I don’t know about you, but I like Kam a lot.

#MeToo: Agender equality.

To change the world, make a difference.

Scientific theory speculates that time really doesn’t exist. Now I regret buying the higher-priced Timex!

Learn to play chess and check with me later.

Ralph Lombard