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Chuck Legge


Chuck Legge drew his first cartoon at about age 8, and has been trying to get it right ever since. (See Mr Legge's cartoons here, along with a more detailed bio.) He majored in English, Philosophy and Art at Arizona State University. In 1990, he became the editorial cartoonist for the Prescott Sun Newspaper in Prescott, Arizona. Later, he became the editorial cartoonist for Sarah Palin's hometown newspaper the Frontiersman. Of this experience, he says, "My editorial cartoons have a decidedly liberal tilt which makes me quite popular up here. Popular in the same way that a moose with a target shaped birthmark is popular. For this reason the new publisher at the Frontiersman has given me the boot." Mr Legge now owns 4.77 acres in Sutton, Alaska.

Aug 082017
 By , August 8, 2017
Nice State You Have Here, Alaska

Not-so-veiled threats to Alaska coming from the White House after health care vote failed. Rachel Maddow stole my punchline. Or more accurately, she beat me to the punchline. Federal powers that be are trying, in their thuggish way, to put Alaska under their tiny, tiny [more…]

Jul 052017
 By , July 5, 2017
Aspersions on Their Asparagus

Casting aspersions on the deserving Louie Gohmerts of the world One of my favorite quotes is from Texas’ 1st Congressional District Representative, Louie Gohmert. It was during a house grilling of then Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder was appearing before Congress for being… umm… competent? [more…]

Jun 202017
 By , June 20, 2017
The Measure of Success

The ‘measure of success,’ as it pertains to the current White House resident I can’t help but wonder how supporters of President Trump measure his success. Barely a third of the way into his first year, he has accomplished things other presidents couldn’t even dream [more…]

May 302017
 By , May 30, 2017
Meet an Unapologetic Muslim Hater and Alaskan Office Holder

Anchorage Assembly member and radio talk show ringleader Amy Demboski refuses to apologize for her off-base anti-Muslim comments. Anchorage Assembly member and radio talk show ringleader, Amy Demboski, was recently accused of calling Big Lake electrician Gregory Jones a terrorist. She refuses to apologize for [more…]

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