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Jun 162013
 By , June 16, 2013
Father's Day: Can It Survive?

In another 20 years or so will there even be a Father’s Day? My son Gideon (age nine) assures me that he will be a good father someday, but will that be an empty accomplishment? In another 20 years or so will there even be [more…]

Jun 042013
 By , June 4, 2013
Beware the Infrastructure, My Son

Crumbling infrastructure termed “Jagger-esque” A stitch in time saves nine. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can lead a horse to water, but if an outdated bridge collapses on it, the meat will wind up marketed by IKEA. These are [more…]

May 162013
 By , May 16, 2013

You say you want a revolution… According to a PublicMind poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University, nearly one-third of registered voters answer in the affirmative to the proposition “In the next few years, an armed revolution might be necessary in order to protect our liberties.” Commentators [more…]

Apr 192013
 By , April 19, 2013
Are You Part of a Zero TV Household?

Will young “Zero TV” households evolve into the typical Dish-worshipping couch potato mode as they age? Besides aliens with eyes in the back of their heads, a possible interracial baby mix-up at the maternity ward and “Bet he’ll laugh if I say ‘shoehorn,’” one of [more…]

Mar 212013
 By , March 21, 2013

Some aspects of Easter are worth exporting to other parts of the year Although it usually gets overshadowed by “Blue Christmas” in yuletide radio rotation, I still enjoy the Elvis Presley version of “Why Can’t Every Day Be Like Christmas?” Fans of the scripture found [more…]

Mar 182013
 By , March 18, 2013

A poll on pollsters would no doubt reveal people hate polls According to a Politico story titled “GOP Looks For Answers,” the National Republican Congressional Committee is taking major steps to prevent a repeat of the misleading results from pollsters that embarrassed the party in [more…]

Mar 082013
 By , March 8, 2013
Candy Nanny State: Say It Ain't So!

Candy makers look to head off government regulation with sweet promises According to ABC News, you should probably get ready for a take-no-prisoners “This is your brain on nougat” candy moderation campaign. While addressing the National Confectioners Association meeting in Miami, Debra Sandler (president of [more…]

Feb 212013
 By , February 21, 2013
Sherlock Holmes and My Personal Shame

Perhaps it’s not a mystery evocative of eerie moors or Victorian London alleyways, but the question still perplexes me: how did I let writer Martin Powell escape from my radar screen? He’s certainly on the radar screen of other Sherlock Holmes fans. His adaptation of [more…]

Feb 072013
 By , February 7, 2013

Yes, the Dodge trucks commercial using the late Paul Harvey‘s 1978 speech “So God Made a Farmer” resonated with millions of viewers and was voted one of the most popular Super Bowl spots; but “the rest of the story” is not so pretty. The blogosphere [more…]

Jan 162013
 By , January 16, 2013
Is It Time To Repeal Presidential Term Limits?

Without term limits, many fear president would outlive his “sell-by” date The experts are giving it little chance of passage, but H.J. Resolution 15, a repeal of presidential term limits, is stirring a lot of talk. U.S. Rep. José Serrano (D-NY) has (once again) introduced a [more…]

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