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Jun 152017
 By , June 15, 2017
Movie Review: "Beatriz at Dinner"
Movie Review: "Beatriz at Dinner"

“Beatriz at Dinner” – a film review by Gary Chew It may well be that director Miguel Artete and screenwriter Mike White have initiated a new franchise for a string of movies unlike those regarding our friend Harry Potter and more akin to our president [more…]

Jun 102017
 By , June 10, 2017
Movie Review: "My Cousin Rachel"
Movie Review: "My Cousin Rachel"

“My Cousin Rachel” – a film review by Gary Chew If you’re a movie fan easily engrossed in tales about the personal minutiae of the leisure class, then have I got a flick for you! My Cousin Rachel, written by Daphne du Maurier and published [more…]

May 182017
 By , May 18, 2017
Movie Review: "The Lovers"

“The Lovers” – a film review by Gary Chew The Lovers is the title a new film just opening that has conjured up a certain amount of cynicism. The title, at first glance, suggests it’s likely a foreign film centered around an attractive young woman [more…]

Apr 232017
 By , April 23, 2017
Movie Review: "Their Finest"

“Their Finest” – a film review by Gary Chew “If the British Empire and its Commonwealth lasts for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour.’” Then there’s the novel, “Their Finest Hour and a Half” by Lissa Evans. It would [more…]

Mar 292017
 By , March 29, 2017
Movie Review: "The Zookeeper's Wife"

“The Zookeeper’s Wife” – a film review by Gary Chew Three of the most powerful movies I can conjure up for the moment are Sophie’s Choice, Schindler’s List and The Pianist. Together, they took a total of eleven Oscars. Each informed film-goers — unable to [more…]

Mar 242017
 By , March 24, 2017
Movie Review: "Life"

“Life” – a film review by Gary Chew Astronauts aboard an International Space Station are on the brink of a discovery that will shake the whole human race. How it shakes out … is for you to see and find out. I will say, though, [more…]

Mar 022017
 By , March 2, 2017
Movie Review: "Before I Fall"

“Before I Fall” – a film review by Gary Chew Ouch!  Before I Fall begins with two strikes against it. Nubile, pretty high school girls are caught up in their own small, ordinary world of dating, bullying, hanging out in the cafeteria and being silly. [more…]

Feb 082017
 By , February 8, 2017
Movie Review: "A Cure for Wellness"

“A Cure for Wellness” – a film review by Gary Chew A large financial deal is about to be signed off on, but the required signature for the paperwork is that of a man who has taken time off from his New York office for [more…]

Jan 242017
 By , January 24, 2017
Movie Review: "20th Century Women"
Movie Review: "20th Century Women"

“20th Century Women” – a film review by Gary Chew What we’ve got here in this new film by Berkeley-born Mike Miles is a 55-year-old woman confronting the cultural tsunami of the late Seventies. Fortunately, since her foibles take place in Santa Barbara by the [more…]