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Feb 262016
 By , February 26, 2016

Talk about stimulating: Pairing erotica with a vibrator. A French start-up is marketing a Bluetooth-enabled vibrator that’s paired with an erotic Ebook. During the smutty parts, you just tap the screen or shake the device and the vibrator starts right up. “It’s going to generate [more…]

Dec 152015
 By , December 15, 2015
Parenting? It's a Joke

Book Review: “The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets” “The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets” is a new collection of hundreds of comic Tweets by funny people who also happen to be parents. Are you a parent who can use a good laugh? Check out this [more…]

Feb 072015
 By , February 7, 2015
Want a Jew to Fall for You? Try These Funny Pick-up Lines.

Funny pick-up lines just for Jews Kosher Porn is a new collection of funny pick-up lines just for Jews, written by humorist Sarah Rosen, and illustrated with photos by Tom Stokes. It’s based on Rosen’s popular dating blog, Porn4Jews. And it’s hilarious. Rosen started her [more…]

Jan 042015
 By , January 4, 2015
Superheros for Jews!

A review of “Jewish Comix Anthology: Volume 1,” by Steve Bergson If you’d asked me, when I was a comic book-loving Jewish girl coming of age in 60s Detroit, besotted with Batman and following Superman’s every adventure, what I wanted to do when I grew [more…]

Oct 192014
 By , October 19, 2014
Stacey Gustafson: An Erma for the Cell Phone Era

Book Review: “Are you Kidding Me?” by Stacey Gustafson When “Are you Kidding Me?” — a new collection of Stacey Gustafson’s humor columns — turned up in the mail, I figured I’d grab two minutes, put my feet up and check out the first essay. [more…]

Jul 242014
 By , July 24, 2014
Tender is the Brisket: Delicious!

Review: “Tender is the Brisket” by Stacia Friedman The best comic novel I’ve read this year wasn’t published by Random House or Penguin. It was self-published by Philadelphia writer Stacia Friedman. The title? “Tender is the Brisket.” Does the book live up to the comic [more…]

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