This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Nut Kraken Time!

Time to kraken zee nut!

Trump: An un-presidented criminal.

Kraken zee nut!

Which hunt is going to get him first?

Trump puts the “cult” into culture wars.

Truth Social: Apps for saps.

For whaT REASON did Trump steal classified, top-secret documents?

I spy Trump’s lie.

Judge Cannon’s breach is loaded with fodder.

There’s no such thing as ex-executive privilege.

The January 6th Committee: Devastating the obvious.

In the court of public opinion Trump must be held in contempt.

Don’t worry, if you fall behind in the polls you can always ketchup on the wall.

Funny how MAGA believers who whine about “Biden’s” economy still have millions of dollars to donate to their favorite lying, scheming, sociopathic crook.

Tyrants always have thought police are for arresting ideas.

Racists embrace “critical erase” theory.

The middle-class is dying! Is there a doctrine in the House?

Big Business invariably has it’s handout for corporate welfare.

I like lots of politicians, but most of them are dead.

Ban forever chemicals forever.

Curb your pet peeves.

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