Trump Desperately Calls in His Favors! Top 10

Trump calls in his favors

Finally ‘all in,’ Trump calls in his favors, as Justice Clarence Thomas is assigned to head the Mar-a-Lago classified documents legal fight!

Is asking the Supreme Court a favor to intervene with the stolen classified documents Trump’s only delay, delay move left? 

I say, there’s 10 more desperate acts in his pocket!

WARNING: Reading this list may cause nausea, dizziness or exasperation from 7 years watching this fool escape the law!


10.  To MARY L. TRUMP:  ‘Alright you win, blood isn’t thicker than…can I sleep on your couch’?

Mary Trump

9.  To DR. RONNY JACKSON: ‘Know a good Plastic Surgeon who won’t laugh when I say… ‘Brad Pitt‘?

Trump calls in his favors

  8.  To STEPHEN MNUCHIN: ‘Remember when I asked you to ‘Put away some Petty Cash next to a fake mustache & gold tooth’?  ‘Oh, and buy a vowel, will ya’!

Trump calls in his favors

  7.  To HIS GRANDDAUGHTER: ‘Where’s your damn Piggy Bank ‘ & don’t tell Mom’!

6.  To SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS: ‘C’mon, I’ll sleep with the kids – anything’!  ‘I…I…I make Pancakes’!

Trump calls in his favors

  5.  To LINDSEY GRAHAM: ‘How many times have I let you carry my Golf Bag, huh?  So, is there really a secret tunnel in South Carolina’?

4.  To GENERALS John KELLY, James MATTIS, Michael FLYNN, H.R. McMASTER & Mark MILEY: ‘Borrow your Medals?  Moscow’s giving me a Parade!  Oh BTW, they love the Documents’!

Trump cartoon

  3.  To Son-in-Law JARED KUSHNER: ‘Do you know how many years I Fasted for you on Yom Kippur while you went off to Barbados?  So, why can’t I live in your basement & you drop down food in the Dumb Waiter’?

  2.  To JIM JORDAN: ‘Nah, you’d just screw it up’!

Trump calls in his favors

And #1 …To BILL BARR: ‘Just one more favor, Bill – I like Red Velvet Cake with my Hacksaw’!


Marilyn Sands