Words=Money: Millions Accrue as Trump Flaps His Mouth to E Jean Carroll

E Jean Carroll

After playing with Monopoly money all his life, Trump must now put his own money where his mouth is, including every mention of ‘E Jean Carroll’…

E Jean Carroll

That’s right, every time Donald Trump even thinks of E Jean Carroll, he’ll be that much poorer!

“The one way to stop him is to make him pay for lying,” said E. Jean.

His character flaw of narcissism reveals a man who cannot accept defeat – as a Presidential Candidate or as a Neanderthal towards women that goes back – ‘a Million years’ to be exact!


Not happy that he lost the $5 Million to E. Jean in her May 9th Rape & Defamation Civil case, Trump continues to assault her with more words.

Quick to respond, Ms. Carroll now brought a new case against him for just that & his financial losses are running wild like a train without an engineer!

E Jean Carroll

On the day after the $5 Million dollar verdict, Trump called E Jean Carroll:

TRUMP: “A Wack Job”!

There you go – $10 Million. Cha – Ching!

To add to his misogyny, he can blame me for what comes from my wicked imagination!  Listen in as Trump finally runs out of names and money!

TRUMP: ‘Bad Lay’!

$15 Million. Cha – Ching!

TRUMP: ‘Bag-a-Bones’!

$20 Million. Cha – Ching!

TRUMP: ‘She’s a 2″!

$25 Million. Cha – Ching!

TRUMP: ‘Gay’!

$30 Million. Cha – Ching!

TRUMP: ‘Democrat’!

$40 Million. Cha – Ching!

Marilyn Sands