Whew – I’m Not on the Georgia Indictment List! Top 10 Reasons Why I Was Worried!

Georgia indictment list

Top 10 reasons why I was worried my own actions would put me on the dreaded Georgia indictment list, aka the Georgia Peach Pit List!


Relieved not to hear my name called by Georgia’s District Attorney Fani Willis, I’m ready to come clean & make amends with my Top 10 Reasons why I could’ve been!

Georgia indictment list

10.  I have a crush on Special Prosecutor, Jack Smith & The Smith Brothers!

cough drops

  9.  Just to get a reaction – I phoned Fox News & suggested that Joe Biden should have Hillary Clinton as his 2024 VP Running Mate!

8.  When I lie, my feet swell & I’ve already returned 5 pairs of shoes to Amazon in sizes 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11!

7.  I think I made a big mistake on Facebook – I asked Attorney Sidney Powell to be a Friend!  She said, if I’m not a friend of Hugo Chavez – forget about it!  haha

Georgia indictment list

  6.  I haven’t wished someone ‘Gesundheit’ in years – but I do say, ‘Schadenfreude’! 

5.  I always bring the shamed ‘Peanut Butter’ on a plane & demand more ‘Leg Room’ or I’ll open the Jar!

4.  Okay, thru the years I’ve posted too many gratuitous pics of Stormy Daniels – while have to wear ‘Snacks’ to stay afloat!

Georgia indictment list

3.  I give out Easter Candy on Halloween!

I am NOT running out of ideas!

2.  One time I served a Pig without a Blanket!

It’s your call!  haha

And, the #1 Reason I was worried I’d be on the Georgia Indictment List…


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Marilyn Sands