This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Immaculate Deception

“Orange Jesus” is the immaculate deception.

immaculate deception
“Orange Jesus” is the immaculate deception.

Jesus told us to believe. “Orange Jesus” tells us to make believe.

The wholly weak-minded worship Trump religiously.

“Orange Jesus” is Lard Almighty.

White Nationalists: Amazing Disgrace is ’em.

Trump aspires to drown out free speech in a cult-ural bloodbath.

From Trump, Republicans have gained a trait or two.

Ironic, isn’t it, that a man who delights in demeaning the disabled will soon find himself handicapped with permanent uncontrollable seizures.

Trump 2024: Running from his own con sequences.

Democracy needs to build a better louse-trap!

Republican impeachment efforts: Lev and let die.

I wish the right would remain silent!

RFK: Real Flakey Kook.

You can’t teach old dogmas new tricks.

Corporations are not people. But if they were, most of them would belong in prison.

Corporate greed has turned our economy into a free mark-it-up place.

If you think time is money, you’re not spending it wisely enough.

Real martyrs live on forever in their victimhood.

Don’t permanently delete our environment.

Only Mother Nature can re-paradise.

Ralph Lombard