This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Ukrainegate, Last Con-Temptation of Trump?

Ukrainegate explained in aphorisms.

UkrainegateWikiLeaks… and so does the White House!

Idiots and morons always do cover-oops.

What do I think the White House should do about all those leaks? Depends.

Ukraining on Trump’s parade.

Lie still, you bastard.

Pelosi’s the light at last!

Time to close down the Barr.

Trump: A rich vain of fool’s gold.

Trump makes me laugh so hard I cry!

Iran out of patience.

Saudi’s nutz.

How will we pay when the middle class is all spent?

Republicans love “fixing” the economy.

Don’t let greed eat your heart out.

Unions represent red white and blue collar heroes.

Improving world conditions always starts with an idea list.

If only we’d listen, history wouldn’t have to keep repeating itself.

To turn the tide, make waves!

I’m right here, aware are you?

Ralph Lombard