This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: F.U. King Anus!

You Midas well call him “King Anus” since everything he touches turns to shit!

No doubt about it, we’re now living in the Trump error.

King AnusThe Justice Department’s Barr has been lowered so far it now lies in the dirt.

Trump believes he has the right to abso-loot whatever he wants.

Greed threw a party but only invited himself.

Trump 2020: The hateful trait tour.

QAnon conspiracists live in a Deep State of confusion.

Narrow-minded people will only worship narrow-minded gods.

Trump appeals to his base of coarse.

Some people are so stupid it’s amazing they’re still alive!

CPAC: Cruel People Against Compassion.

To see a real rat race, watch Trump run.

It was an Obama nation when Trump was elected.

Moderate change buys very little.

Just budge it so the economy can work for everyone.

The only way to have your cake and eat it too is to steal someone else’s.

Hateful people are always lost in contempt-plation.

The world suffers from heart failure.

Keep pounding! But remember what an ounce of prevention is worth.

Recycle love.

Ralph Lombard
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