This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Disapproval Leads to Removal

[Our number] one disaster leads to another.

If Trump wasn’t so stupid, he’d realize how stupid he is.

Every horse’s ass believes he’s a stable genius because of all the shit he’s accomplished.

Disapproval numbers.

The stock markets tremendously groan under Trump.

Who do you blame when it’s default of your economy?

It may work. It may not work. We feel depressed about it.

Listen to the pros, but not the cons.

The truth presses on in newspapers.

Trump supporters don’t think he’s only fooling them.

Closed minds are always blinded by the dark.

Don’t stomach bad taste.

Make America Gracious Again: Slap Trump down!

Cast ballots, not stones.

Money is expendable, the environment is not.

Life is a teaming game.

Con science and you’ll regret it.

Global warming is an extinct possibility.

Your money or your life?

Those who can’t be bought are priceless.

Please think responsibly!

Ralph Lombard