This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: The Real Fake

Accuse the media all you want, we know who the real fake is!

Trump, the unrealtor, sells lots of dirt.real fake

Not surprisingly, a terrible person makes for a terrible president.

Trump supporters are con-founded fools!

A lazy mind usually remains closed.

Trump always manages to keep his nitwits about him.

Don Junior’s a real rip-off the old block.

I wouldn’t trust Jared to run tapwater.

Trump’s a swine, and sow is Ivanka.

You can’t spell nepotism without inept.

We’re now seeing the effects of “winging” it.

As the crisis deepened, Trump was on the golf course, fore-crying out loud!

Narcissists always hurt the one they love.

This is what happens when the shit hits the fantasy.

Trump 2020: Running on empty promises.

Lessons of the past are the point of no return.

Honestly, I miss trust.

We need two stable eyes with a clear vision.

To turn things around, face in a different direction.

Just say no to dopes.

Ralph Lombard