This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: The Uninvited Guess

An ignorant, unwanted and uninvited guess plagues U.S.

uninvited guess

If you don’t mind, please don’t tell me what you think.

How stupid is Trump? How dark is black?

If the hissy fits, have a tantrum.

A falsifier burns out of control.

Those living in an ignorant state are easy to fool.

When the blind lead the blind it’s a dark day indeed.

Where are the anti-quarantine protesters so anxious to gather together? In the morgue?

Less patience equals more patients.

Price-gouging justice: Hoarder in the court.

Wall Street gets bigger and bigger, while Main Street gets beggar and beggar.

Don’t go blind oversight.

Mitch McConnell and his Republican cohorts live in a state of “moral” bankruptcy.

We’re sick and tired of your treading on US!

Trump doesn’t have a legacy to stand on.

Are you bitter off than you were four years ago?

Trump 2020: Flush with success.

What have we got to lose? Several hundred pounds of ugly fat.

If we all just lift each other up, imagine how high we can get.

Don’t underestimate nothing.

Ralph Lombard