This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: We Can’t Breathe, They Can’t Grieve

We can’t tolerate intolerance.

The police suspects their victims.Can't Breathe

Don’t stand for taking this lying down!

The Trump curse only makes things worse.

Hardliners are always the biggest whiners.

Shout down intoler-rants.

Racists can run, but they can’t hide the truth.

Trump always puts himself in the slimelight.

The news is closing in on you.

A lout and a louse lives in the “Whitey” House.

Fox news: Alternate reali-teatime.

Trump supporters are idiot-syncratic.

Pigs swallow any slop they’re given.

True intelligence is never arrogant and vain, because that would be stupid.

All I’m masking is why not be safe?

Remember those who you appreciate, thank fully.

Don’t be sloppy, Joe. And don’t be a hamburger!

Joe must prove to progressives that he’s Biden to their agenda.

Elizabeth offers a four-year Warrenty.

Love love. Hate hate. Again and again.

Ralph Lombard
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