John Bolton White House Tell-all Book Reveal: Top Ten

John Bolton

While former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s new book “It Happened in This Room: a White House Memoir” is a #1 Best Seller in Pre-Sales – Donald Trump fights its release like he has something to hide!

Top Ten Things John Bolton Says Trump Didn’t Want You to Know!

10.  He bites nails!  Not HIS – Mine!

9.  He’s afraid of Snakes, Spiders & Ramps!

8.  He’s the one who told Jeffrey Epstein to ‘Hang in there’!

7.  He says when he takes his Girdle off … the room gets smaller!

6.  He sat on Hope Hicks lap & she’s been missing for days!

John Bolton, Hope Hicks, Trump

5.  His Aide doesn’t just carry the Nuclear Football – there’s also Dippity Do!

John Bolton

4.  He checks his wallet every time Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin leaves the room!

3.  He can’t figure out why VP Mike Pence is so loyal – he doesn’t have anything on him!

2.  He buys his suits at ‘The Bigly, Not-That-Tall & Can’t See My Naughty Bits’ Shoppe!

And #1 Thing John Bolton says Trump doesn’t want you to know…

He introduced his childhood Nanny as ‘My Mammy’!

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