GOOD THINGS That Happened Under Trump’s Watch: Top 10

trump good things

Besides bragging about his ‘massive dumps’ – Turns out, Trump really does have a Legacy!

It’s hard to believe, but true – Trump’s done some good things, and does have some pluses on his presidential ledger! 

That’s why I had to write a Top Ten after reading that Donald J. Trump won The Guiness World’s Records of ‘LIES IN ONE DAY’ – well, second only to Hitler when he postponed a Picnic during a Blitzrieg!

“Good Things that Happened Under Trump’s Watch” Top 10

10.  He kept more Psychotherapists in business – especially mine!

  9.  Millions of Americans got educated – yeah, more people looked up the word ‘Narcissism’!

  8.  You’ve got to admit he saved lives –  he pardoned 4 Turkeys on 4 Thanksgivings!

  7.  He saved Taxpayer’s money by using his ‘Bed, Bath & Beyond’ Coupon for a Butt Loofah!

good things

  6.  In his honor – he influenced the new improved Cognitive Tests  – instead of an easy Elephant – it’s now an impossible Aardvark!


  5.  He worked overtime for us!  At 3 am this morning, he used his Sharpie & corrected all the mistakes in the Constitution!

good things

  4.  Give him his props – he saved ‘duped voters’ money – by not demanding an election recount of the remaining 46 States!

  3.  Out of his own pocket, he gave his retiring Attorney General a Gold Watch inscribed – “Et tu Barr”?

  2.  Saving our country a lot of angst, confetti & funeral expenses – his life was spared thank G-d – by his Food Taster, the Docs at Walter Reed & his bullet proof  Codpiece!


  And #1…

He finally got Melania what she demanded – a Pardon, a Name Change application & a one-way trip with the Space Force!

Marilyn Sands