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Apr 142016
 By , April 14, 2016
25th Anniversary Bash: Thanks, Will Durst and Everybody!

Will Durst was fantastic, and everyone had a great time Our 25th Anniversary Bash went swimmingly, thanks to the great Will Durst and everybody who attended! Will Durst, comedian extraordinaire, was hilarious. Of course, he has a lot to work with this year! He’s the [more…]

Mar 042016
 By , March 4, 2016
Humor Times Anniversary Celebration, April 13th: 25 Years!

Don’t miss the Humor Times anniversary bash, starring comedian Will Durst and featuring a “Short History of the Humor Times” slide show! The Humor Times will be 25 years old April 1st (no fooling!), and we’re celebrating the landmark silver anniversary on Wednesday, April 13th, [more…]

Apr 142013
Humor Times Subscription Special Attacked as 'Overly Generous'

“How can you make any money giving such great subscription deals?” asks one incredulous economist Top economists questioned the sanity of Humor Times newspaper executives during a business conference today, saying the political humor monthly was being “overly generous” with their new Anniversary Gift Discount [more…]

May 162012
Video from the Capitol Steps, a Show Presented by the Humor Times in May!

The Humor Times celebrated its 22nd Anniversary with the hilarious national touring political comedy troupe, the Capitol Steps on May 5, 2013 (video clip) The Humor Times celebrated its 22nd Anniversary Issue in style by bringing the hilarious and nationally popular Capitol Steps comedy troupe [more…]

Mar 162012
 By , March 16, 2012
BREAKING! Humor Times Editor Accused of Bribery

Editor allegedly offers kickbacks for ads, subscriptions: Now under investigation for bribery! “He’s offered to buy a drink for anyone placing an ad or ordering two or more subscriptions, allegedly in honor of their 21st Anniversary Issue! What would YOU call it?” said Officer Doright [more…]

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