Name Your Poison: A New Non-Partisan Designer Drink List! Part 2

name your poison

‘Bring Your Own Belly’ laughs, name your poison & check out this satirical Designer Drink List!

Name Your Poison: You don’t have to be a political hound to follow this list – but you may need a drink after you read it!

So sip into something comfortable & let’s drink to this updated crop of political imbibers & what they might drink!  (Part 1 link at end)

LIZ CHENEY – ‘RED Wine over WHITE & BLUE Balls’ – NO sissy umbrella!

RUDY GIULIANI – ‘The Jigger is up’ Cocktail!

STEVE BANNON – ‘Sex in a Dumpster’ with assaulted rim!

GINNI THOMAS –  ‘Traitor Joe’s’ finest!

SUPREME COURT JUDGE CLARENCE THOMAS – A ‘Fuzzy Navel’ with a Coke-in-a-Can Chaser!

DR. FAUCI – ‘Moderna’ on the Rocks!

MIKE LINDELL (Mr. Pillow Guy) – Beer with Foam not Feathers!

TUCKER CARLSON – Bitters with a squirt of Bitters!

KEVIN McCARTHY – A Tall one: ‘Speaker of the House Wet Dream’ in a ‘Gave it a Shot Glass’!

MITCH McCONNELL  – ‘Sex On The Beach’…just seeing if you’re still reading!  ha ha

MATT GAETZ – Underaged Wine & Animal Crackers!

RAND PAUL – Anything but a shot of Pfizer!

ROGER STONE – ‘Double Whiskey’ & a middle finger to everyone in the bar!

SUSAN COLLINS – A ‘Shirley Temple’ – nah, a ‘Buttery Nipple’!  And, Marilyn Sands…Bite this!


TED CRUZ – 100% Proof Texas ‘Beefeater’, with a side of ‘Did I tell you I went to Harvard’?

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREEN – ‘Peach Schnapps’ in a Wide Mouth Mason Jar & a bag of Cheetos!

name your poison

JOSH HAWLEY – A ‘Tequila’ flavored Chimichanga & Bean-Dip-Men’s-Room-Sprint!


FLORIDA JUDGE AILEEN CANNON – A ‘Moscow-Lago-Mule’ with a spritz of Conscience…no Garnish for you!

name your poison

BILL BARR – Oh, the Mueller thing?  Okay then, I’ll have ‘The Celery, Olive, Onion, Cherry, Orchid, Lime, Lemon, Orange, Mint, Cinnamon, Rosemary – hold the Umbrella, I’m driving!

MELANIA TRUMP – Any ‘Low-Ball-Cocktail’ with a squeeze of Ketchup!

And, STORMY DANIELS – ‘I’ll have what she’s having!  Oh, I did?  Never mind’!

Don’t forget to check out PART 1, which included Trump, Mueller, Barr, Manafort, Graham, Kavanaugh and even Papadopoulos…you know, ‘ Coffee Boy’! 

Marilyn Sands