Who Else in History Told Someone ‘You’re Too Honest’? Top 15

who else in history

While in Office, Trump told VP Mike Pence he was ‘too honest’!  See who else in history was honest too!

Top 15: Who else in history was’ Too Honest’?

15.  PINOCCHIO told his father, Geppeto… ‘YOU’RE TOO HONEST’ – but clearly you whittlers know nothing about a boy in puberty‘!

who else in history

14.  MOBY DICK told Little Richard… ‘YOU’RE TOO HONEST’ – but you’re gonna need a smaller Jock Strap’!

Some of these you’ll get on the way home!  That’s right, ‘Jaws”!

13.  LUDWIG VON BEETHOVEN told 50 Cent…’YOU’RE TOO HONEST’ & clearly underpaid’!

12.  MARY TODD LINCOLN told Abe…’YOU’RE TOO HONEST’ – now go tell the neighbors were busy this Saturday’!

11.  HITLER told Eva Braun…’You know what – ‘YOU’RE TOO HONEST’ & your Weiner Schnitzel sucks too’!  ‘Sorry baby, having a bad decade’!

10.  ZORRO told Lefty, the Pastrami Slicer at Canter’s Deli…’YOU’RE TOO HONEST’ but thanks to you, now I’m a Vegan’!

 9.  WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE told ‘Murray, the Hack’…”THOU ART TOO HONEST’, but I’m still gonna steal that corny Balcony Scene’!

8.  STORMY DANIELS told her ‘Personal Brassiere Fitter’ …’I do not need a Z Cup – ‘YOU’RE TOO DAMN HONEST’!

You can scroll down now! haha

7.  ALEXANDER THE GREAT told his brother, Ralph The Bastard… ‘Hey, I’M TOO HONEST TOO’ – but Mommy loves me best’!

6.  QUASIMODO told the ‘1831 Scrabble Champion’…’YOU’RE TOO HONEST’, but could I interest you in a few ‘E’s’ that just fell off the back of my wagon’?

5.  ADAM told G-d…’YOU’RE TOO HONEST’ but you never had ‘a 5 Year Plan’!  You can’t just leave me with that woman’!

4.  EVE told Steve…’YOU’RE WAY TOO HONEST’!  Oh, what the hell –  Nobody’s Perfect’!

3.  MRS. JACK SMITH told her husband… ‘YOU’RE TOO HONEST’ but I’m jealous!  A Ms. Liberty called twice & you’re working late at the office again’!

2.  JACK SMITH told the Mrs…’YOU’RE WAY TOO HONEST & impatient!  It’s ‘THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY’!  Buy that’?

#1  And not a moment too soon, who else in history was ‘too honest’ …

VLADIMIR PUTIN told Donald Trump…’YOU’RE TOO HONEST’ – they don’t appreciate!  So come, come!  We got Wodka, Pretty Women & Cot in Dog House’!

who else in history

Marilyn Sands