This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: The Thugly American

“Make me look bad and I’ll  get thugly,” Trump warns.

The mad hater held a tea party with malice in plunder-land.

Thugly American.

MAGA: Trump‘s personal safe-tea network.

If hating you is wrong, I don’t want to be far-right.

In Trump’s opinion, facts don’t matter.

Evidently, proof proves nothing if you don’t mind it.

Trump supporters are swillfully ignorant.

Republicans are oxymorons because whenever they’re in control they’re out-of-control.

Truth Social: Post-Trump trauma.

Right-wing propaganda: The prints of lies.

When it comes to change, conservatives always want to perpetuate and see.

Anti-woke” racists want to re-white history.

Elon’s Musk smells selfishy to me.

The world’s biggest crisis? Billionaire pollution!

One-percenters need their assets kicked.

No solace for the soulless.

We’ll never make progress if we don’t get along.

Remember: You’re younger than you’ll ever be again.

Don’t ruin out of time.

It’s way too heavy to ponder us.

Ralph Lombard
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