This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: If I Didn’t Have a Brain I Wouldn’t Mind…

…and if I didn’t have a heart I wouldn’t care, either.

Trump is one character with absolutely none.

If I Didn't Have a Brain

My dictionary defines trumpery as “anything showy but of  little value.”

Scoundrels climb the ladder of success wrong by wrong.

No whistleblow jobs aloud in this White House!

The scariest tweets are those that go “Trump” in the night.

A person who forever sits in judgment clearly can’t stand himself.

One thing all Americans should remember: You don’t have the freedom to take away other people’s rights, and you don’t have the right to take away other people’s freedom.

Keeping children in cages is outrageous!

The most obvious need of any child is apparent.

Eyes so sad I could cry.

Democracy: Fighting for what’s right while holding onto what’s left.

You must choose between liberty and conformity, because you can’t have both.

Police brutality justice wrong.

We can’t breathe, they can’t grieve.

What do you call a compassionate conservative? Your imaginary friend.

Republicans are econo-misers.

There’s so much need because there’s so much greed.

Curb your dogma.

No more questions than answers.

Ralph Lombard