Take this Mandatory Test to See If You’re Qualified to Vote

Mandatory Test

Fast on the heels of the Trump jury pool questionnaire is the 1st Mandatory Test for voting, to root out those who shouldn’t!

Mandatory Test to vote

That’s right! Don’t worry about the Trump Court Delays, ‘Bought’ Judges, Hourly Polls or the Supreme Court’s alleged hand on the scales – this mandatory test is a sure-fire way to weed out Trump’s partners in crime! 

Take it now & avoid the rush!  haha

Mandatory Test

But, here’s the rub – you must get all of them correct to vote! 

Just to show you how rigged & foolproof this test is – here’s the 1st one that will have some ‘Fox Watchers’ scratching their heads!

WHO IS our 46th President?

  • Joe Biden
  • Alfred E. Newman
  • Donald Trump
  • Or None of the above

WHO IS Melania Trump?

  • Was last seen eating ‘Welfare Cheese’
  •  Prisoner #5579244’s ex-wife
  •  On her way to Africa – no forwarding address
  • Or None of the above


WHO IS Stormy Daniels?

  • A sexy TV Weather Girl reporting ‘Rain’ in inches
  • An underpaid Porn Star
  • A gal ready to swear on a stack of bibles this is much ado about nothing
  • Or None of the above

WHO IS Complicit?

  • 1/2 of Congress
  • 1/2 of Supreme Court
  • 1/2 of Trump’s kids (I’m being generous) haha
  • Or None of the above

WHAT IS a Narcissist?

  • Trump
  • Trump
  • I don’t know – I’m not ‘woke’!
  • Or None of the above

WHAT IS a Flying Monkey?

  • Lover of Nuts
  • Liar’s Helper
  • Man in the Mirror
  • Or None of the above

WHAT IS ‘Being Duped’?

  • Agreeing to play ‘3 Card Monte’
  • Staring at 3 Cards while having your wallet picked by Monte!
  • Buying Gold Sneakers from ‘3 Card Donny’!
  • Or None of the above

card trick

WHAT IS an Insurrection?

  • ‘A Gov’t Building Unguided Tour’…thru a window $2
  • ‘A Gov’t Building Unguided Tour’…plus you get to sit at Nancy Pilosi’s desk $4
  • ‘A Gov’t Building Tour Special’…you get to play ‘Hide & Seek’, ‘Pick Up Sticks’ & ‘Hangman’ $5.95
  • Or None of the above

Hang man


Marilyn Sands