This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: ‘Heil Be Seeing You!’

Traitor Trump boasts “Heil be seeing you!”

Heil be seeing you
Heil be seeing you.

Trump is a lout and outlier.

Republicans can’t seem to add things up, but they’re real good at division.

Trump supporters are going for broke.

MAGA’s reality-check always bounces.

The Trump cult demands a mistrial. They claim they heard Alvin Bragg he was grabbing Trump by his nuts, and they took it personally.

For poor “victim” Trump, reality doesn’t martyr.

“Orange Jesus” preys for an insurrection resurrection.

Project 2025: The devil’s in the details.

Trump lives in a big dupli-city, Republicans in a big compli-city, and MAGA in it’s own simpli-city. And that’s shitty folk for you!

Fox news recycles the same old lies to preserve their right-wing echo-logy.

Watered-down facts are dilutional.

Sleeping dogs always lie until they’re woke.

Tim Scott is a black-stabber.

Hey Kushner! Jaredy to follow in your father’s footsteps?

British Liberal Democrats Labor to abandon Conservative terror-Tories.

Our world is being devastated by a billion-era of greed and selfishness.

Global warming is an extinct possibility.

For artificial intelligence, there is no soul purpose.

Fatheads can never achieve metaphysical fitness.

Ralph Lombard