This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Global Warming Doesn’t Exit

So quit claiming global warming doesn’t exi$t!

Hot flashes are making Mother Earth go environmental.

global warming

Is global warming real? The answer is blowing in the tornadoes.

Foolish fuels climate change.

For those anxious to sell the world out, let the buyer be where?

Save time: Burn your bridges before they’re built.

The bored of education should wake up!

If your mind’s always turned off, you’ll never catch on.

Trump’s tribulations: A real SOB story.

Surprisingly, the economy came to a screeching halt with outbreaks.

Don’t trust bail-out laws with no oversight.

Congress expends while the White House pretends.

Lawmakers first pass through the lobby, then go write down ink-corporated loopholes.

The filthy rich are never dirt poor.

Please don’t feed the dinosaurs! It only makes them bigger, which only makes them hungrier.

The writing on the wall is graffiti from God.

We are now the “Great-Test” generation.

Free thinkers are mindful of new ideas.

Chicken Little was a visionary.

Rain Forest, reign!

Ralph Lombard