This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Flush the Tea Potty!

The tea potty is full of it.

Flush the Tea Potty
Flush the Tea Potty.

Trump’s base is sneer to his heart.

Loyal tea oafs protect Trump.

Right-wing propaganda time: Lunatic talk.

The tea party believes in con’s piracy theories.

Resist Trump’s evilution.

In the room where it happened, colluders co-lied.

Geoffrey Berman was falsifired by vermin.

Trump Barrs oversight.

Uncle Sam’s constitution can’t stand much more of this abuse.

Laws against burning the flag are only designed to protect those wishing to wrap themselves in it.

Racist statues have hearts of stone.

Too many “Christians” are only forgiving themselves a free pass.

Liar, liar, Pence on fire.

Pinheads point to heaven without ever looking up.

Don’t make Jesus cross.

Only love can savior soul.

LGBT brothers and sisters: Take pride in your work, and in your Supreme accomplishment.

Pessimists: Wash your mouth out with hope.

Pray to give peace a chants.

Ralph Lombard