This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Laptop Dog

Trump is Putin’s laptop dog.

laptop dog
Trump is Putin’s laptop dog.

Trump’s legacy lies in his claims to defame.

Those that demand the most respect invariably give the least.

Propagandists attack in formation.

Republicans are hoping to runoff with Georgia in a mudslide.

Presidential pardons: Guilty party favors.

Money buys a paper view.

There’s a bloodsucker borne every minute.

Trump’s swan song: “Should I Stay or Should I Go Crazy?”

What time is it in America? Half-past assinine.

Anti-maskers demand their free doom of choice.

No fear. Also, no sense.

Our forests are being cut down to sighs.

Protect victimmigrants.

Sports psychology: Put me on, coach!

Slang is just a phrase we’re going through.

Holy bliss sings gospel music.

Don’t blame politicians too much; when you’re always running it’s difficult to still stand for anything.

Pigs reap as they sow.

Pimp my blimp so I’ll have a Goodyear.

Ralph Lombard