My Last Trump Article! You’re welcome!

last trump article

In this, perhaps (?) my last trump article, I ask: Who knew Trump left residual effects? See if you have immunity!

After spoofing Trump’s lawless shenanigans for 5 years & getting thousands of requests to stop after my first – I’ve finally gone into the descent mode.

But this one is not it!  Ha ha

I’m saving that for his ‘Prison-Time-Lawsuits Bonanza’ & Last Meal request’!

Oh, that Last Meal request?

I bet he’ll have a double cheeseburger & fries – what a boring wuss!

And, he’ll shake hands with Melania on his way out!  Now full owner of 6,000 Red Ties!

But this article is about our rebirth since he’s gone.

While we’re basking in the quiet serenity, let’s not forget we’re in purgatory waiting for the other shoe with lifts to drop!

He may be behind the scenes, but let’s not worry about that until he has his own TV Station & Social Media Platform – or learn how to dial-out of Mar-a-Lago with his new non-White House cell phone!

Oh sure, he may pop up like a Whack-a-Mole, but it won’t be long before we can finally say ‘Donald Who’?

Yeah he’s gone, but we’re still punchy & here’s proof Trump left us all residual effects! 

Please check off your  personal TOP 10:

10.  A little jumpy… You stop yourself before you yell at your Minister/Priest/Rabbi with, “THAT’S A LIE”!

 9.  You find yourself looking for Rally’s to double check Crowd Size & Red Hat Count!

8.  You still don’t care what Melania’s wearing today!

7.  Your dentist says you ground your teeth down to nubs, but has a shiny new pair for you!

6.  Amazingly, your psychiatrist says after 4 years of Trump – ‘You’re cured’!

5.  You say ‘no’ – you’re not ready & buy a dozen new Binkies & a Scratching Post!

4.  You don’t tour the Capitol building ever again without a Gasmask, Flame Thrower & Beef Jerky!

3.  You question whether to throw out your ‘Trump Pin Cushion’, ‘Trump Dart Board’ & your Casa cupboard-full of ‘Trump’s Goya Foods’ you bought during your wine-soaked 2020 Election Day bender!

last trump article

 2.  You plan to sue Trump as he didn’t warn you about the noise level from the Refried Beans!

And, #1 …

You just mailed out an Underage Barbie Doll to Congressman Matt Gaetz & signed it…

“All the Gang at San Quentin”!

San Quentin

Marilyn Sands