Year End Report: Top 10 Things That DIDN’T HAPPEN Since Covid!

Year End Report

Year End Report: Besides a Baby Boom, CVS Quickie Divorces & Stuttering Jim Jordan’s pants-on-fire – here’s ten more things that didn’t happen since Covid!

Okay, sometimes Confucius gets it wrong!  So I didn’t Travel, hit the Lottery or have sex this year – but I enjoyed ‘the Cookie’!

But who expected this ‘2 Year Celebration of Groundhog Day’ – 5 if you’re in denial!

Well, here’s my Year End Report, the Top 10 List of other thingsthat didn’t happen since Covid:

10. Hookers threw in a freebie!

9. The world ran out of toilet paper, condoms & spam!

8. Trump ran out of steam, boot lickers & dippity do!

Year End Report

7. We showed up every 6 weeks for “the Changing of the Pajamas Ceremony”!


6. ‘Adult pacifiers’ were found to work better after booze!

adult pacifier

5. Idiots ‘Sit on the Dock of the Bay’ without a frigin’ toilet seat protector!

4. Women fantasize trying on bras in a department store…window!

3. Men fantasize waking up with Norwegian wood & golfing with Tiger!

2. Parents complain: ‘due to home schooling, Wednesday is no longer hump day’!

And #1…As my last On-Line Date boasted:

‘Fully Circumcised’ considered Vaxxed!


Sorry, no pics!

Marilyn Sands