Showing Patriotism in a Time of Chaos

National radio commentator, writer, public speaker, and author of the book, "Swim Against The Current: Even A Dead Fish Can Go With The Flow," Jim Hightower has spent three decades battling the Powers That Be on behalf of the Powers That Ought To Be - consumers, working families, environmentalists, small businesses, and just-plain-folks.

Twice elected Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Hightower is a modern-day Johnny Appleseed, spreading the message of progressive populism all across the American grassroots.

He broadcasts daily radio commentaries that are carried in more than 150 commercial and public stations and on the web.
Jim Hightower

In this time of chaos, woe and deep national divide, I’ll be damned to hell before I meekly sit by. I’m flying a flag these days. The Stars … Read more

This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: The Great Dicktraitor

This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: The Great Dicktraitor
I was born a young baby. Then I grew up. Then I grew confused. Then I grew tired. I'm a 20th century man who's somehow been transported to the 21st century, with one foot in the gone past and the other in the here now. I started my blog mymanymoodsofme toward the end of 2012. There I write humorous essays, stories and poems (lyrics from my songs), in addition to my aphorisms. It's good work... if you get it. In my spare time I play chess, write songs, and reflect upon what I see. I'm very happy to be colluding with Humor Times, and hope you enjoy the result. Cheers!
Ralph Lombard

Dicktraitor Trump continues to lie… in bed with the Russians! Putin-Trump, throw out democracy. Our conclusion lies in collusion. Trump always seems tongue-tied to Russia. So queasy got … Read more