This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: The Great Dicktraitor

Dicktraitor Trump continues to lie… in bed with the Russians!

Putin-Trump, throw out democracy.Dicktraitor Trump

Our conclusion lies in collusion.

Trump always seems tongue-tied to Russia.

So queasy got Comey he had to go homie.

The Mueller probe: Blocked at every turn by mobstruction.

The press was about to drive the President crazy! “Are we there, Soviet?” they kept asking.

To get away with murder, kill the investigation.

Obstructionists Barr the truth.

“Moscow Mitch” and his Republican “comrades” have often demonstraitored their patriotism.

Russian collusion: Denied by the Fox News Nyetwork.

To get to the truth follow the testimoney.

Release Trump’s financial wreckards!

Those only interested in helping themselves are of no use in an emergency.

Poor economic states are in the red, feeling blue.

Help the middle-class or face bailout rage in the fall.

Politicians race, voters erase.

When asked: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” you should reply: “The egg, of course, because it scrambled!”

I thirst for salivation.

Philosophical amnesia: “Who am I? Why am I?”

Ralph Lombard