[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

James Comey, Out of Job, Pursues Life Passion: Resolving Email Issues

WASHINGTON, DC — Former FBI Director James Comey, after rejecting job offers from Russia, China, Iran and even North Korea, decided to pursue his life’s passion of resolving private email issues, signing on with Comcast.

James ComeyComey, who was thrust to stardom after his 2003 prosecution of Martha Stewart, was recently fired from the Trump administration for being too rough on Hillary during the 2016 presidential campaign.

After a few failed gigs, such as his tense Dancing with the Stars performance with Hillary Clinton, Comey decided to abandon his newfound star power and pursue his life’s passion — dealing with private emails.

Comcast hired Comey despite an unfavorable review from his previous employer, Donald Trump, who described him as, “no good, lightweight, asks too many questions about my collusion with Russia, and looks stupid.”

As the newbie at the office, James Comey who has an $11 million net worth, had to bring everyone’s coffee. Unlike his previous employer, Comcast did not ask Comey to pledge unwavering allegiance in a weird cult-esque ritual.

Comey successfully fielded numerous customer service calls on his first day. One from Russia tried to intimidate him into exposing “how much he really knows,” but Comey managed to sell them Comcast’s world-class, reliable basic cable service. Russia has since declared war on the US and Comcast.

Another caller asked how they could hide their private emails, and Comey recommended a private email server, saying, “it’s totally legit, unless I change my mind and use it against you ten days before an election.”

Comey is even being considered for employee of the month, which has infuriated Trump, who went on twitter to complain about his own lack of shiny awards.  

Adam Barsouk