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The Humor Times is the "World's funniest news source!" Sure, we like to inform our visitors, but in a playful sort of way. We believe political satire is one of the best ways to help folks let down their defenses and see things in a new light, as well as to help bring haughty leaders back down to earth. Plus, it's just plain fun! The Humor Times magazine (delivered to your door 12x/year) is a great way to enjoy this brand of humor, it makes a wonderful gift, and SUBSCRIPTIONS are very affordable!

Feb 242017
 By , February 24, 2017

The 26th Anniversary Issue of the Humor Times is coming, just in time for desperately needed comic relief!

In these strange times, people are worried, and in desperate need of some comic relief. We are committed to doing our civic duty by providing it! And our most popular issue of the year is coming out soon, the Humor Times April Anniversary Issue!

Humor Times AnniversarytRump and his gang are attacking so many things we Americans hold dear. But we are fighting back — with biting political humor! Help us help you, by advertising in our always-popular Anniversary Issue!

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Our national audience is perfect for any business — smart, fun-loving and possessing good incomes.

Demand for the Humor Times has skyrocketed since the so-called president took office, with subscriptions going up, people liking our Facebook page, following our Twitter feed, downloading our free app and visiting our website in record numbers.

You can benefit from all this attention! Just buy a low-cost ad in the Humor Times monthly publication and/or on our website (or even in our popular free email newsletter).

Our 26th Anniversary Issue is coming up, and would be a perfect place to start! The Anniversary Issue is always our most popular of the year, and we print thousands of extra copies, at no extra cost to advertisers.

The ad copy deadline is March 16th. We can create ad copy for you, or adapt copy you already have, at no extra charge.

Get seen by tens of thousands of enthusiastic people who can’t wait to get their hands on the Humor Times!

To reserve your spot in the Humor Times Anniversary Issue today, just reply to this email or give us a call.

Thank you! (Contact info here.)

Feb 112017
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Feb 062017
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Nov 182016
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Nov 032016
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Oct 192016
Free Comic Book: 'The Best Democracy Money Can Buy'

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Oct 182016
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