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Nov 262014
 By , November 26, 2014
Ferguson Follies

A funny thing happened on the way back from the Ferguson courthouse… I stood on the side of the road, across the street from the courthouse, both concerned and entertained by the gathering crowd.  On one side of the steps leading up to the courthouse [more…]

Aug 182014
 By , August 18, 2014
Hillary: The Not-So-'Chosen One'

An interview with Hillary Clinton, the presumed next Democratic candidate for president Even though former First Lady Hillary Clinton has not officially announced her candidacy, her recent speaking engagement demands sure make her seem like a candidate for the highest office of the land. Some [more…]

Aug 052014
 By , August 5, 2014
Freeze! Put Down That Cookie

The black, MH-6 ‘Little Bird’ helicopter came in low over the treetops surrounding Eastlake Elementary School in Chapman, Nebraska.  Third graders, usually engrossed in a fierce game of dodge-ball, diverted their attention towards the thrumming pulse of the helicopter’s main rotor blades. As the helicopter [more…]

Apr 242014
 By , April 24, 2014
How Now, Gassy Cow

 A winning cause: cow farts! The mid-level bureaucrat at the EPA strummed his fingers on his desk.  In his other hand was a fist full of reports on the status of major environmental causes over the last few years:  Gulf coast oil spills, greenhouse this-and-that, [more…]

Apr 132014
 By , April 13, 2014
Childbirth 101: A Father's Perspective

The act of childbirth is no place for men The gig is up, mothers!  After numerous hours of data collection and opinion surveys (Hey Frank, what do you think about our role during childbirth…?) we of the male species have concluded that we really aren’t [more…]

Mar 202014
 By , March 20, 2014
The Putin Two-Step

Ukrania knew Vlad Putin would be at the big dance Ukrania had been waiting for her turn to go to the big dance.  It was a huge gala event.  She looked so beautiful; flowing long, blonde hair, lovely curves, breathless. Drama.  It figures that she [more…]

Feb 112014
 By , February 11, 2014
1040 Therapy

It’s “10-4 good buddy” for 1040 enforcers It’s been a tough few months recently for the Internal Revenue Service. I get it.  It can’t be easy working for this particular government organization, albeit one that does serve a certain function at making possible the general [more…]

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