It’s the Year 2032: WTF Happened to Donald Trump?

future 2032

A Satirical Peek into Tomorrow! By 2032, did the former President ever get his Just Desserts, did Covid disappear & more importantly – did I ever date again?

Ten years?  You say, you don’t wanna know!  Well, there’s no turning back now – you just opened this article & you can’t look away! GAS PRICES in 2032?  Don’t ask!  I still owe Billy Bob at Chevron a BJ!

nice cop

Oh, I’m sorry – Billy and Bob!  haha

lift the hood

As for COVID – I hear it’s spotty!  Oshkosh, Cucamonga & Kalamazoo still wear masks, but have it down to a science: A thru K wear masks on weekends, L-Z Monday-Friday!

ELECTIONS? It was close in 2024 & ’28 with The Forward Party – but President Cheney her VP, Adam Kinzinger brought it home for the win!

STEVE BANNON well, he’s untouchable – literally!  Who knew his Face Cream, ‘Craggily’ would go viral!


MIKE PENCE just celebrated 10 YEARS wearing Bow Ties!

JOSH HAWLEY won the Boston Marathon…in 2023, 24 & 25!

Hawley in 2032

KEVIN McCARTHY didn’t get to be ‘Speaker of the House’ like he wanted – but he does sweep up well after the Elk’s Pancake Breakfasts!

Ho-hum!  JOE BIDEN gets Covid every year & is still riding his bike – okay, Jill’s riding shotgun.  Only fell off twice this week!

bikes 2032

MATT GAETZ is now forbidden to sit-in at any more Girl Scout Campfires! 

‘Matt, its ‘Graham Cracker, Chocolate, Marshmallow, Graham Cracker’ not ‘Graham Cracker, K-Y Jelly, Graham Cracker’!

getz 2032

But the big question is: ‘Did our 45th President ever get his Just Desserts’!

cake 2032


‘Donald Trump just won the $Billion Dollar Mega Powerball Jackpot’!

I guess he was right folks – ‘we’d really get tired of all his Winning’!

And, boy is that guy who really won in Illinois – pissed!

Marilyn Sands