White House Plumbers Number Not on Trump’s Speed Dial!

The “White House Plumbers” didn’t unclog Trump’s golden toilet. But someday we’ll be watching “Donald Trump’s 7 Year Scandal.”

White House Plumbers

No, these plumbers didn’t unclog Trump’s golden toilet. They were Nixon’s bungling G-Men White House Plumbers doing slapstick!

White House Plumbers

And, it all plays out in “White House Plumbers,” an HBO Max satirical drama in a re-play of a U.S. President’s embarrassing scandal.  And someday folks, we’ll be watching Donald Trump’s 7 year scandal in all its glory – so stay tuned.

You say you don’t want to go thru that again – suit yourself – but I’m up for the part of ‘Stormy’!  haha

1975 Pic from my new Memoir

Even though I loved this 5 episode HBO Max offering, it didn’t get the best reviews.  I guess you can’t compete with Robert Redford & Dustin Hoffman as Woodward & Bernstein in the full-length movie “All the President’s Men” – but this one told the tale of ‘The Plumbers’ – not the famed Washington Post Reporters that broke the story.

Actors Woody Harrelson & Justin Theroux play G. Gordon Liddy & E. Howard Hunt seamlessly & watching actress Kathleen Turner ‘chew the scenery’ was worth the price of admission.

Woody & Justin must’ve studied ‘Laurel & Hardy’ because there was plenty of crying & angst to go around in this series.  These two lead a ragtag group of burglars that set off a series of actions that brought down Nixon – the only President to resign.


Let us not forget what Nixon told British Journalist David Frost in the 1977 landmark interview:

“When the president does it that means that it is not illegal”!

White House Plumbers

As I wrote in my 2018 article, “Nixon’s Waterloo…My American Scandal” (below) – I missed out watching ‘Watergate’ in real time as I was living in Europe from 1972-1975 & have been devouring the facts ever since!

But while in Europe, I had a rude awakening.  On August 9, 1974 when my husband & I visited London, I walked out of the American Embassy & was immediately bombarded by a camera & microphone in my face by TV Reporters.

When the microphone was shoved in my face – I was struck speechless, as I not only was a quiet private person, but my husband was in a sensitive security line of work.

When one Reporter asked me what I thought about ‘Nixon’ – for good or bad, that is when I felt ‘American’.

I was not keeping up with America’s politics & it was news to me.  All I can remember is afterwards I picked up every newspaper on the stands to somehow catch up & assuage my guilt.

So I enjoyed this new mini-series not only to fill in the gaps, but to compare this scandal to Trump’s – where I didn’t miss one Indictment, Impeachment, Insurrection, Porn Star payment, Mueller Hoedown, Trump University Graduation or any un-chewable ‘Trump Steak’ Returns!

Trump eats it

For more laughs, check out “Nixon’s Waterloo…My American Scandal.”

Marilyn Sands