This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Orange Squeal

What do you get when you combine yellow-cowardice with hate-red? Orange squeal!

Orange Squeal
Orange squeal, pumpkin style.

Our political landscape is being poisoned by agent orange.

A guilty party leads the guile-tea party.

Evil smacks it’s apocalypse.

Don’t hate-tread on me!

A poison pen only draws wrath.

Trump supporters prefer the insane-stream media.

MAGA chaos is orange-rot.

There’s nothing to real lies in disinformation but deception.

The GOP continues to play politricks as usual.

Mike Johnson: Mr. Assholier-than-thou.

Republican impeachment proceedings: Taking their accuse from Trump.

Fasten your deceit belts!

Pay attention or pay the price.

Budgeting in today’s economy is a real stretch.

Economic inequality is a taxing problem.

Genuine intelligence contains no artificial ingredients.

The future’s coming after you. Planet wisely.

Without sex, how would we carry on?

To be free, never sale away.

Ralph Lombard
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