This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Knucklehead-Ache

Donald Trump is the world’s biggest knucklehead-ache.

Trump whines about election-riggers, but has no problem with oil-riggers.

Donald Trump: world’s biggest knucklehead-ache.

The polls suggest Trump is leading, but they’re not even a NATO member!

In a game for all the marbles, Trump has clearly lost his.

Trump engages in idol speculation.

A fool has no use for intelligence services.

MAGA is sociopathetic.

They’re out to get me has morphed into a really deep statement.

Book Bannon, cook Cannon.

Surprise, surprise! Ingesting raw  meat from domesticated pigs causes brain worms.

Republican word of the weak: Spineless.

Too many punks misunderstand their ground.

After deep reflection upon your projection we offer rejection for everyone’s protection.

Gravy trains always rail against investigations.

The Sue-Prima-Donna Court, like the billion-dollar corporations it represents, only believes in selfish-regulation.

Never trust the gluttonous pigs that bring home the most bacon.

Clarence Thomas isn’t really black, but his heart is.

Alito’s flag waves in the trees, son.

Not well-educated? You can still have class.

It’s completely unknown why I’m not famous.

Ralph Lombard