[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

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Here are the headlines from a few of our samples for you to gander at. (Want to own them? See ordering instructions below!):

Trump Makes Law Declaring Himself Caesar

Now That Obama Is No Longer President He Is Going On the Road As a Stand-up Comic

NRA Puts Out Wanted Poster for Elizabeth Warren

Trump Takes His Cabinet Out Every Day for Lunch to Cracker Barrel

Giant, Mutant Man-Eating Plant Devours Workers On Monsanto Farm

Trump Takes Taiwan in as 51st State Just to Piss Off Red Chinese!

Playboy Makes an Exception to Its ‘No More Nudes’ Policy — Does Special Pictorial of Melania Trump

Trump’s Billionaire Cabinet Club Buys Entire Untied States. They Now Own Your Wife and Kids.

Germans Buy Syria Just to Put an End to the Refugee Crisis

Donald Trump Builds Wall Around Puerto Rico to Keep Them Out of U.S. Even Though They Are Part of U.S.

Obama’s Plan Move to Kenya, But Kenyan Authorities Don’t Believe He Was Born in Hawaii

Putin and Trump Have Heated Telephone Exchange Over Who Is Really the Biggest Czar

Philippines President Duterte Finished with Finishing Off Druggies in His Country: Now Moving On to Take Care of Business In Mexico. Cartel Members Are Screaming Like Little Girls

Obama’s Have Secret Torture Chamber in Basement for NRA Members Where They Torment Them with Their Own Guns

NRA Wants to Expand Freedoms to Include Owning Roadside Bombs

The Clinton Foundation Loses Millions Building an Obama Approved Tunnel Under the Oval Office for Human Sex Trafficking

The Koch Brothers Actually Fund Their Vast Business Empire Through Cartel Money Laundering

Recovered Hillary Emails Contain Downloads of Naked Putin Photos

New Secretary of Defense ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Starts Out First Meeting with Trump by Calling Him a Wimp for Dodging the Draft

Britain Joins With Russia and Red China as Trading Partners After Brexit

Chelsea Clinton Heads Secret Money Laundering Empire for Clinton Foundation by Having Starving Haitian Orphans Working in Secret Afghan Sweat Shops Making Heroin to Distribute in US.

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