WHO’s to Blame?

A recent meeting in the Oval Office:

Mike Pence:  Mr. President, I understand you’re looking to blame someone for this crazy pandemic.

Donald Trump:  That’s right, Mike.

WHOs to Blame
WHO’s to Blame? A White House Oval Office meeting / Public domain.

Mike Pence:  Well, then, who’s to blame?

Donald Trump:  Yes, exactly. WHO’s to blame.

Mike Pence:  That’s what I’m trying to help you with. Clearly someone is at fault and we’ve gotta figure out who.

Donald Trump:  We know it was WHO. The question is how.

Mike Pence:  I’m not following you, Mr. President. Until we know who did it, we can’t figure out how.

Donald Trump:  Sometimes you’re as dumb as Eric, Mike. I told you; WHO is to blame. W-H-O. Who.

Mike Pence: Well, as I recall, you’ve often blamed Obama. Is he the one responsible?

Donald Trump:  Of course he shares the blame but WHO bears the most responsibility.

Mike Pence:  I don’t know sir. What about Hillary? Is she to blame?

Donald Trump: Sure, both her and Xi could be behind this. But WHO for sure.

Mike Pence:  Maybe you’re thinking of China. Are they to blame?

Donald Trump:  Obviously, Mike, but WHO is the worst.

Mike Pence:  I thought you always said the Democrats were the worst. Maybe we should blame the Dems.

Donald Trump:  That’s a no-brainer, Mike, but WHO has to take the lion’s share of the blame.

Mike Pence:  I’m not following you, Mr. President. I’ll try to think outside of the box. Maybe it has something to do with Putin?

Donald Trump:  Something you put in a box? What kind of nonsense is that, Mike?

Mike Pence:  No, your friend from Russia, Putin.

Donald Trump:  I don’t have a Russian friend to put in a box. What the hell are you talking about?

Mike Pence:  Well maybe it was that guy up north, Justin.

Donald Trump:  Just in? What’s just in?

Mike Pence:  No, sir, I hate to correct you but it should be who’s Justin.

Donald Trump:  Yes, obviously. WHO’s just in as the prime candidate. Don’t take this the wrong way, Mike, but you can be awfully thick sometimes.

Mike Pence:  OK, let me just make one more suggestion. As for someone to blame, could it be Sessions?

Donald Trump: You mean the sessions of Congress? That’s a possibility but I think the governors are a better choice. But if you want a prime candidate at fault then I still say it’s WHO.

Mike Pence:  I give up, Mr. President. If we keep going, I will be at a loss.

Donald Trump:  Maybe you’re right, Mike. Maybe we should blame Wilbur Ross or Betsy DeVos or…….

Mike Pence:  Goodnight, Mr. President.

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