This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Giuliani Jerk Reactions

Rudy suffers from Giuliani jerk reactions.

Giuliani jerk reactions
Rudy suffers from Giuliani jerk reactions.

Giuliani is like an unhinged shudder.

Bad losers always lose badly.

Trump will miss leading us.

Truth is not truth… when it lies in an alternate universe.

Know-nothings no more answers.

Scoundrels huddle in the muddle.

Election lawsuits are conspiraling out of control.

Sham on you.

Free the dumb of speech.

MAGA: Make Asshole Go Away!

Admission accomplished, Joe. You’re certifiered.

A progressive agenda means no more business as use-you-all.

The smart money’s always on education.

I owe it all to my creditors.

A closed mind, like a closed hand, can grasp nothing.

This crazy world keeps on moving for weird.

When searching for yourself look within, so you won’t end up without.

I column as I see ’em.

Dig deep thoughts.

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