Who Else in History Jumped On Stage to Disrupt the Show?

jumped on stage

To make the ‘Disrupter of the Year’ feel less guilty, here’s a Top 10 List of historical characters who also jumped on stage!

Actors Will Smith & John Wilkes Booth (too soon?) weren’t the only famous people that jumped on stage to disrupt the proceedings – here’s 10 more!

Okay, I’ve got a bus to catch – anyone in history who started a ruckus when they weren’t the center of attention!

1.  RAMSES II – like Actor Booth, he didn’t like the Play or The Intermission where they were selling – Milk Duds, Twizzlers & Condoms!

jumped on stage

2.  NEFERTITI of Egypt had a new Bra named after her when one of her breasts fell in her soup!  Accident or attention-getter – you decide!

Sorry, no Pic!

3.  PETER THE GREAT’S wife stormed out of their honeymoon bed as he shouted ‘Give me an hour’!*

*History shows she did come back in an hour & they had Consummated – a little salty – but what, the hey!

4.  At MARIE ANTOINETTE’S Wedding – who do you think hired 3 Stooges to throw – Cake?

5.  LADY GODIVA rode naked thru Coventry because it was…well, August!  I do give her credit though – she did ask around for Quarters for the Fluff & Fold!

Lady Godiva

6.  A well-charred JOAN OF ARC was sorry she said, ‘Some like it Hot’ at an out-of-control neighborhood BBQ & ran!

Geez – everyone knows you don’t run when you’re on fire!  haha

7.  When Hotsy-Totsy BETSY ROSS sewed the American Flag, she put her ‘Tinder Hook-Up Name’ in one of the Stars!

Way to go Betts – ‘Always be Closing’!

8.  HENRY VIII of England enjoyed the Beheadings so much he added a Midnight Show!

Unfortunately, he had to leave – his Gout was acting up, grabbed a Wench & Turkey Leg for later & that in a nutshell is all I learned in History Class!

9.  IVAN THE TERRIBLE was the only one who didn’t really want attention.  He sat at the Opera with his wife & farted every time the Soprano hit a high note!

Kudos for a quick save from his wife who quickly complained of the wind in the Theatre!

And #10.  In 2022, KANYE WEST stealth-fully strode on stage & snatched the Oscar away from Will Smith which got Kanye his first Standing Orgasm – if you don’t count sleeping with Taylor Swift‘s Grammy!

jumped on stage

Marilyn Sands