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James Israel


The Humor Times founder/publisher/editor/writer may wear a lot of hats, but he likes it that way. Still, his favorite job is writing fake news articles. He is also a musician and songwriter, who plays guitar, mandolin and harmonica, with several CDs to his credit.

Jun 202017
 By , June 20, 2017

New edition: “Dear Leader” – Enjoy the latest hilarious editorial cartoons, reviewing the news in our Humor Times “News in Cartoons” app, available free!

In the latest edition of the “News in Cartoons” Humor Times app, called Dear Leader, the world’s greatest editorial cartoonists (who also populate our popular Humor Times magazine) review the latest news in the way only political cartoonists can.

News in cartoons appFollow cartoon Donald Trump as he convenes his cabinet for a love fest — with all the love directed one way, at him, as previously dignified government veterans prostrate themselves before the Dear Leader.

Of course, the sham that is the secret, behind doors, crafting of “Trumpcare” is examined, as well as the ongoing investigation of the president.

The app also features a “bonus cartoon” each issue, as well as a funny video of the week.

The Humor Times “News in Cartoons” app is available only for Android phones or tablets at this time, but we hope to be rolling out an iOS versions and others soon.

It’s the FUN way to get your news!

“A beautiful brain-blast!”
— Dubious Cherce

“Great for political humor enthusiasts. Funnest AND funniest way to get your news!”
— J LeDoux

Each edition is basically an excerpt from the Humor Times monthly magazine (available in print or digital format all over the world), a publication that reviews recent news stories in hilarious fashion with editorial cartoons by the finest in the business, arranged with a running narrative above each cartoon, stringing them together to tell a recent news story.

Please share this page or the app itself widely on Facebook, Twitter, by email, etc! Help us make it go viral! (You can share right from the app, or from the Google Play store while you’re there, or just share this post, and/or copy the link below.)

Thank you, and enjoy!

Jun 142017
 By , June 14, 2017
Putin to Move into White House Next Week

White House staff: ‘Finally, someone to restore order around here!’ Fed up with President Trump’s continued bumbling incompetence, White House staff have invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to move in and “show Donald how it’s done,” starting early next week. Donald Trump reportedly loves the [more…]

Jun 022017
 By , June 2, 2017
White House Adds 'Dignity and Morality Waivers' to Ethics Waivers

Move will ‘supplement recent ethics waivers,’ providing relief for an ‘administration beleaguered by fake moral concerns,’ said Spicer. In a move George Orwell called “Me-ian” from the grave today via GoogleSeanceTM technology, the White House announced they would be adding “Dignity and Morality Waivers” to [more…]

Jan 202017
 By , January 20, 2017
Fake Inauguration Staged in Midst of Fake News Era

Editorial: What America witnessed today was not a legitimate inauguration, but a fake one, for an illegitimate president, the ‘yuuuge’ loser of the popular vote, who gave a fake populist speech. Alleged President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech was riddled with “populist” messages about helping the [more…]

Dec 232016
 By , December 23, 2016
Totalitarian Tenets to be Tenaciously Tendered via Trump Tweet

‘Orwellian Obedience is Ordered to be Ordinarily Observed,’ says first Tenet via Trump Tweet. “We’re going to win so much, you’ll get sick of winning,” begins a statement released today by Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s transition team spokesperson and former scarecrow template. “And to win, [more…]

Dec 112016
 By , December 11, 2016
Must-Watch Video for All Who Want Fair Elections

Why is Jill Stein leading the recount effort? Who cares? We had all better get on board, and be damn glad someone hopped on this issue in a timely manner. An Amy Goodman interview with Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein, who has requested [more…]

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