This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Dunce Fever

Trump’s looney tune gives Republicans dunce fever

Aphorisms: Dunce Fever
Your Brain on Aphorisms: Dunce Fever.

Trumpworld is teaming with Oaf-Keepers.

MAGA demands the right to remain violent.

“Proud Boy” Roger is Trump’s goose-stepping Stone.

Nixon gave US “Deep Throat”; Trump gives US a Deep Threat.

The GOP‘s conduct is absolutely revolting.

Trump can only be classified as ass-ified.

“This damnation is going to hell!” proclaimed the Devil.

Fox pox causes truth-decay.

Trump continues to obstruct! Which sorcery is this?

Anti-wokeness:  Racing backwards to whitewash history.

Conservatives want to turn America into a right-wing indoctrination.

Republicans legal lies a Supreme-meditated agenda.

Abort-face, backward march!

A radical SCOTUS ovary-action gives women no choice.

It’s on: Uterus versus them.

Roe, Roe, Roe your vote.

Big Business: Maximizing profits by minimizing people.

We need more social mobility and less social nobility.

Loose lips sink leaderships.

Ralph Lombard