Who Else Besides Elon Musk Is Being Tracked & Where to Find Them

where to find them

Names in the News who may be on somebody’s radar & where to find them!

Where to find them example – an easy one:

WHO has mansions with Bird Houses on Boardwalk & Park Place?

where to find them

Here are 8 more “where to find them” examples & a few hints (hey, it’s the holidays) – see if you’ve been following the news & have no life like me!  haha

Pick One from This List:

Kanye (Ye) West

Kevin McCarthy

Jay Leno

President Joe Biden

Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi

Harvey Weinstein

Vladimir Putin

1. WHO has an Estate Shed where he keeps Gov’t Docs next to the Pool Bleach & Crab Grass spray?

2. WHO has a Garage with an Emergency: a) Water Fountain, b) Purell Dispenser or c) FIRE EXTINGUISHER?

where to find them

3. WHO has a perfectly good home, but goes to Mar-a-Lago to sup with owner & loves him some ‘Adolph-Style Rib Roast au jus’?

4. WHO has a home ‘On a shining city on (a San Francisco) hill’ in need of repairs that could use a Hammer, Nails & Zip Ties?

5. WHO has a Palace, a white-picket-fenced Dacha & a questionable Snow Plow business called, ‘WE DIG, YOU FALL IN PLOTZ’!


6. WHO has a home with a life-size bronze statue of himself on his lawn holding a Train Ticket for Scranton, Pa.?

7. WHO has a comfy-cozy new home with Black & White decor where ‘not a creature is stirring not even a Louse’? 

where to find them

And #8.  WHO just watched the final January 6th Committee Meeting, left no forwarding address & has reservations on the next Drone out of town?


That’s right…KEVIN McCARTHY!

Marilyn Sands