[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

For 18th Time Today, Hillary Clinton Asks Aide if Bernie Has Conceded Yet

“It’s my turn. Everyone knows it’s my turn, except him.” – Clinton

WASHINGTON — A campaign aide confirmed reports Hillary Clinton had asked her for the eighteenth time today if Bernie Sanders had called to concede the Democratic presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton pissed
“When the hell’s he gonna call?!” — Hillary to aide.

Mandy Hazard, a longtime Hillary confidant, declared the party’s presumptive nominee had repetitively and pointedly asked her, “Has Bernie Sanders called and conceded the nomination to me yet?”

Hazard also explained Clinton became extremely agitated each time she learned Bernie Sanders had not called to quit the race, and charged, “I can’t believe he hasn’t quit yet. I just can’t believe it.”

When Hazard told the candidate it was not a good idea to call Bernie Sanders and demand he concede, Hillary’s eyes glazed over and she replied, “It’s my turn. Everyone knows it’s my turn, except him.”

Hazard expected Clinton to ask her the same question regarding Sanders at least ten more times today.

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Alexander Vosh
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