This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: United We Understand, Divided We Fail

Understand together or fail apart!

In a democracy you have the right to be wrong, which it usually is.

Divided We Fail, Trump on Fox
Trump on Fox: United We Understand, Divided We Fail.

Over and over, Republicans re-lie on Fox news.

Scoundrels always “edit” their evidence by cutting-out the truth.

The president wants to lead the entire country. ASTRAY!

When Trump proposed throwing a party, no one realized it would be under the bus.

The unfortunate last words of the missionary to the cannibal: “Meet me for lunch.”

Trump’s not fire-proof, though he is a retardant.

Greed only takes care of itselfishly.

What good is having lots of money anyway? The only thing we have to spend it on nowadays is Chinese junk!

Progress is never backwards.

Extreme storming is forming from global warming.

Our responsibilities onus.

Your worst mistakes are the ones you make last.

Of course Bigfoot won’t reveal himself. He’s trying to avoid the telemarketers.

I don’t get no respect. My GPS told me to get lost!

To expand your mind you must first knock-down some walls.

Possibilities are as infinite as imagination makes them.

To see the big picture, connect the thoughts.

Turn around in a revolution.

Ralph Lombard